Call Log Backup Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Call log Backup and Restore : This application allows you to backup call history and restores it anytime you need it.
You can also export your calls and contacts in many file formats.
My exports page contains all the backups and exported files.
Once you make a backup, you can preview it, you can share it, and also copy its path.

Every backup will be saved on your “Downloads” folder, and also on the application files, if you couldn’t find the file in the “Downloads“ go to the “Exported Files” page, click on the target backup and share it via mail or another application you like.

Call export and backup features:

  • Export call history as PDF.
  • Export calls as JSON,TXT and CSV.
  • Export your contacts as PDF, JSON, TXT, and CSV.
  • Backup calls and restore.
  • Backup contacts and restore.

Don’t forget to share calls and contacts for more reliability when retrieving your backups.

Not all the exported files are restorable, Restorable backups are made only from the “Backup” button.
Don’t export a pdf file and try to restore it, this will not work.

How to backup your call log (Call History)?
1. Open the application and accept permissions.
2. Click on the “Backup” button.
3. Check “Downloads” and keep your backup file in a safe place.
4. You can share the backup file via mail and other applications.

How to restore your call log?
1. Open the application and accept permissions.
2. Click on the “Restore” button.
3. Choose the backup file (ends with .bak).
4. Click on “Restore”.

How to backup and restore contacts?
Backup and restore contacts are on tab number 2, save your backup file as.BAK and restore it whenever you need it.

How to export calls as PDF?
1. After you accept the permissions click on “Export as PDF”.
2. Wait for seconds and you’ll be redirected to the preview page.
3. On the preview page there’s a share button you can use.

Generating a pdf call report is now easy because of this application.
Support Single and Dual Sim cards.
Perfect for importing and exporting calls and contacts.


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