Image to PDF Converter Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

This app is basically designed to convert any jpg or png image into pdf file format with the help of image to pdf converter. The image to pdf converter scans the image and converts it to a pdf file format.
Pdf file format is a file format which is a widely used and trusted file format for legal and industrial purposes.
Pdf file formats are highly compatible, prevent editing and copying.

Image to pdf converter is a high utility app used for easy and smooth conversion of jpg to pdf file format.
Image to pdf converter app provides rich user experience and is a reliable app.
The resultant pdf can be easily sent over social platforms.


  • Easy to install.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Free image to pdf converter app.
  • Basically a pdf creator or pdf maker from photos.
  • Conversion is easy and consumes less time.
  • Lightweight application and does not drain phone battery.
  • Powerful pdf converter tool.
  • The resultant pdf can be easily saved in phone library.
  • One tap mechanism.
  • No size barrier for the image to be subjected to image to pdf converter.
  • Once installed, no further internet connection required.
  • Effective and efficient in functioning.

You can convert your image files to PDF(Portable Document Format) files using this software. Just select your image files or the folder containing the images and convert them all into PDF file quickly. Simple and easy app for converting images to PDF document..

How to use:

  • Add images to the list
  • Adjust the order of images (by name, by time or simply use drag & drop)
  • Convert to PDF.
  • Send the PDF document to email or any other application. Or open the PDF document with any PDF viewer/editor on your device.

This app doesn’t need to connect to the internet to work.

Image to PDF Converter is a free android converter application that gives you the option to convert your image to pdf easily & in one click. You can also convert your picture to pdf or your photo to pdf.

Image to PDF Converter for android merge jpg to pdf and make it as a pdf file, it’s like pdf creator for images.

This Image o pdf converter gives you the ability to convert jpg to pdf and make a pdf creator. It’s a photo to pdf converter app that helps you to convert jpg to pdf free.

Image to pdf converter doesn’t need internet connection, to convert jpg to pdf converter, online not needed. It’s an easy photo to pdf converter or picture to pdf converter.


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