Thief Catcher Android App

by wedado_f5jp81

Lockwatch takes a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. It emails you the photo along with your phone’s current GPS location.

Find out if someone is snooping around on your phone, or locate the thief that has stolen it.


  • Takes a silent photo of the intruder using the front camera when the wrong unlock code is entered.
  • Calculates the phone’s location using GPS and WiFi so you can locate it.
  • Immediately emails you the photo and GPS location, before the phone is switched off.
  • No need for a third-party lock screen. We use the lock screen built into Android.
  • The app is very small and only runs when the wrong unlock code is entered.

Lockwatch has helped recover hundreds of lost and stolen phones, and has appeared in numerous TV and online news stories. Note: You must enter at least four digits or dots for each unlock attempt to be counted. If the correct code is entered within 10 seconds, Lockwatch will not send the email to minimize false alarms.


Lockwatch Premium gives you access to extra features:

  • Attach several photos to the email to increase the chance of catching the thief on camera.
  • Attach an audio clip to the email so you can hear what’s going on around your phone.
  • When anyone inserts a new SIM card into your phone, you’ll get an email notification.
  • When the thief turns your phone on, you’ll get an email notification (i.e. when they are home).


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